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  Over  the past 10 years, Kontech seized the historic opportunity brought by China´s reform and opening and rapid development of the Internet industry, adhere to customer-centricity and striver-oriented, continuous innovation based on customer needs, we have won the respect and trust of customers, from 20 staffs a small company, steady grow into 200 staffs medium sized company. Today, our digital signage, professional TV, conventional TV has been used in more than 170 countries and areas worldwide.

  As the world´s leading digital signage , professional TV suppliers. We always adhere to scientific and technological innovation, customer needs and the forefront of technology-driven oriented, the company has always been at the forefront of the industry, leading the development of the industry. Every year, we will be more than 15% of sales revenue into R & D, among 200 Kontech staffs, more than 20% of workers engage on innovation, research and development, total of more than 100 products and technologies obtained national patent certification license. All products meet UL, CE, CB, FCC, FDA, ROHS, MEPS, EMC, C-TICK, 3C, and other international and domestic certification.

  Since its inception in 2007, with the company´s founder years of industry experience, as well as a professional technology development and marketing team, the company gradually formed a market segment, differentiated products for leading product line, enabling the company to gradually establish a competitive advantage in the difficult environment of the continuous international financial crisis and the global debt crisis , stand out in the peer, become professional TV & Smart display leading brands.

Future Goal: Building China’s leading brand of Commercial display technology
Enterprise Expectation: A respected and creative enterprise.
Core Concept: Concentric, Create, Share
Enterprise Spirit: Full efforts of all staffs and keep transcending
Business Philosophy: Create value for customers
Product Concept: the soul of product is creatation

Social Responsibility Policy

Kontech social responsibility principle: people-oriented, regulatory compliance, continuous improvement, social returns.

KONTECH thinks, comply with international labor law and Chinese labor and social security laws and regulations, safeguard the rights of employees is responsibility of a company should have the basic conditions, but also the consumers, customers, the public and the government and other stakeholder expectations, so we promises:

-The prohibition of child labor, minors and forced labour, do not accept any use of child labour, minors or forced labor suppliers or subcontractors;

-Respect for workers liberty, prohibits any form of forced labor;

-Promote labor cooperation, respect for employees of the freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining;

-To provide equal and fair environment, prohibiting any form of abuse;

-Reasonable arrange production plan, working time and holidays;

-To provide a reasonable salary and welfare, at least meet the basic needs of the workers.

Social Responsibility-Kontech