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Kontech provides excccellent customization services. Relying on our technological advantages and rich experience, we can better address all your needs, provide the professional advices and suggestions, and deliver the best product solution from design to functionality.

We help turning your idea into products, Our customization services include:

Size Customization:

-TV screen size

-Mirror panel size

-General size of the whole unit

-Installation size

Panel Customization:

-Optical silver(100%invisible)

-Optical crystal black mirror

-Optical color mirror panel

-Customised color panel

structure customization :

-Panel structure

-Mainboard structure

-Power board structure

-Cabinet structure

Function customization :

-Waterproof function

-Hotel function

-Hospital function

-Advertisement function

-Mobile function

-Other customised functions

System customization :

-Security system

-HD multi-media system

-C system

Software customization :

-Dual or multiple window display

-Displaylanuage customization

Control terminal customization:

-Wireless control

-Cable control

-Infrared control

-RS232 control

Components and Accessories customization:

-Special customised component or accessory


-Remote controler

-Power cord

-User manual

-Installation guide

Install customization:



-Extension flex bracket installation

-Other special customised installation