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Kontech offers high quality OEM products and our pre-certified products will save you time and money. Combine these products with your ideas to form a new model. Then let Kontech add your logo, graphics, colors, ideas and requirements to form a truly unique product.

Create value for customers

  • To adapt to the fast-changing technological progress and increasingly competitive markets, Kontech has established the business philosophy of “creating value for customers” since its establishment. By providing distinctive OEM/ODM services, we help our cooperators gain rights to fix product prices and market initiative and stand out from the market competition.
  • Kontech has 4 years’ OEM/ODM experiences and an excellent technological R&D team.
  • Our products cover 13-65 inch LCD TV and DVD combos and support major TV systems all over the world, which can be exported as finished products, semi-finished products, and parts.

Professional differentiation strategy

  • Focusing on developing differentiated products and exploring differentiated markets, Kontech lays special emphasis on special-purpose TV and sets out a path of professional differentiation.
  • With technologies, design, quality and services passing the market test, these differentiated products are generally well received by the market.
  • Our professional differentiation strategy has effectively promoted the market competitiveness of our global partners and helped them achieve a rapid revenue growth.
  • Kontech developed a prison television, RV television, marine TV, kitchen TV, outdoor television, advertising displays, Industrial monitoring, waterproof TV, intelligent terminals ect professional markets products which different from home TV ,aiming at special needs of customers, for several well-known companies within the scope of the global provide design and customize many characteristic TV and display products.

Shorter production and delivery date

  • Wholly owning a 20,000 ㎡ factory in Shenzhen,China.
  • Three automatic high speed LED/LCD TT production lines.
  • Over 150 experienced workers.
  • Monthly production capacity and quantity of delivered products over 10,000 sets .
  • Your order can be completed within 20-30 days.

On-demand R&D capability

  • With an on-demand market response mechanism, Kontech can quickly design and develop products based on customers´ requirements, and timely deliver products to customers.
  • With an experienced technological R&D team, Kontech has the capability to undertake ODM business and the comprehensive capability of whole appliance design and customization, covering structure design, circuit design, software design, part design, and whole appliance customization.
  • The R&D Department has over 30 R&D engineers, most of who have more than 5 years’ R&D experiences in the LCD TV area.
  • Kontech has a series of technological innovation achievements, 17 national product patents and technical patents, and many patent licenses on Philips, HDMI and Dolby.
  • Kontech has designed and customized many distinctive products for numerous renowned enterprises all over the world, fully demonstrating its technological R&D capability.

Ensure delivery of high quality products

  • Kontech has obtained the ISO 9001:2008 certification.
  • All products meet the requirements of UL, CE, CB, FCC, FDA, ROHS, MEPS, EMC, C-TICK, 3C, and other domestic or international institutions.
  • Most materials and parts are purchased abroad.
  • Key production equipment, technical devices, and test instruments are purchased from famous overseas manufacturers.
  • Kontech has a quality assurance team comprising more than 40 people, most of who has over 3 years’ experiences of LCD TV quality assurance
  • Kontech implements a strict quality control system to ensure delivery of high quality products.
  • In the last 5 years, our partners all over the world spoke highly of our product quality.

A professional foreign trade team

  • Owning the right to operate bonded import and export business, Kontech had an export sale of 40 million USD, won the National Export Growth Award in March, 2012, and expects an export sale of 50 million USD in 2012.
  • Kontech has a management team of high comprehensive quality, consisting of experienced senior management professionals, and makes full use of ERP, SCM, CRM, and other information technologies.
  • Regulated foreign trade business management process that conforms to international practices.
  • Kontech has a professional foreign trade team comprising over 10 people, most of who has over 5 years’ foreign trade experiences.
  • Superior ability to communicate in English

Kontech serves the international TV and display device market

  • Kontech provides TV and professional display devices for the global market
  • Major market: Asia,Australasia,Central/South America,Eastern Europe,Mid East/Africa,North AmericaWestern Europe.