Waterproof Mirror tv
  • 22 inch Bathroom Mirror TV Embedded type for Bathroom Shower SPA bathtub
    Our 22 inch waterproof bathroom TV with latest smart Google system, HD mirror design, IP65 waterproof rating, 1080P picture quality, as a large bathroom TV manufacturer, we are able to one-stop customization and fast delivery of large quantity orders!
  • 19 inch Bathroom Mirror TV Embedded type IP65 Waterproof  with Smart Google / Linux smooth System
    With 14 years Waterproof Mirror TV manufacturer experience.KONTECH Bathroom Mirror TV features a fully metal casing with an IP65 waterproof rating, ensuring durability and protection against water damage.
  • Waterproof TV Manufacture OEM ODM Support
    With 14 years Waterproof TV manufacturer experience.The waterproof structure designed by KONTECH Waterproof TV Manufacture is one of the most advanced waterproof designs at present.wholesale Waterproof TV for sale, Waterproof TV supplier,customized outdoor tv service is available.
  • Waterproof TV
    Kontech waterproof TV is designed by unique waterproof technology.Not only do our productreach IP68 rating,but also it has a better brightness.The screen is even more clearer and smoother than normal TV.Because of the mirror screen design,it looks ike a mirror when power off. Kontech waterproof TV i
  • Mirror TV
    Elegant design,fashion 4K mirror
  • Fitness Mirror Display
    Kontech fitness mirror display with touch screen and innovative fitness technology, and utilizes a proprietary smart video fitness training system. Comes with an easy mounting system. App Available through Apple and Android to remotely control your fitness experience.