• Smart 12V TV with DVD function
    Smart 12V TV Manufacturer 14 years OEM ODM experience
  • Frameless 12V  RV TV / Caravan TVs manufacturer OEM ODM support
  • Lift Controlled RV TVs
    Lift controlled RV TV series is designed for luxury RV , specially for customers who expect to embed the TV into furniture. The separate the TV panel and TV box solution leads to get the slimmest TV design in the market , in the purpose to save as more space as possible for Caravan.
  • Caravan TV
    Kontech Caravan TV, Jail TV, Waterproof TV,Solar TV&outdoor TV has been used in more than 170 countries and areas worldwide. As a professional TV& display key solution provider, We always adhere to scientific and technological innovation customer needs and the forefront of technogy.