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Professional TV
  • Lift Controlled RV TVs
    Lift controlled RV TV series is designed for luxury RV , specially for customers who expect to embed the TV into furniture. The separate the TV panel and TV box solution leads to get the slimmest TV design in the market , in the purpose to save as more space as possible for Caravan.
  • Full-shade Outdoor TV
    Kontech Full-shade Outdoor TVs offer 2.5 times higher brightness than indoor TVs, it is recommended to install in partially-shaded areas like covered patios, decks, yards.
  • Partial-sun Outdoor TV
    Kontech Private Outdoor TV can beused in partial-sun outdoor TV conditions.Different from traditional partial-sun outdoor TV, this private outdoor TV has extremely unique design. Our product has ultra-narrow bezel and ultra-thin thickness.
  • Caravan TV
    Kontech Caravan TV, Jail TV, Waterproof TV,Solar TV&outdoor TV has been used in more than 170 countries and areas worldwide. As a professional TV& display key solution provider, We always adhere to scientific and technological innovation customer needs and the forefront of technogy.
  • Full-sun Outdoor TV
    1500 brightness, the ultra-high brightness ensures a vivid and high quality picture even in direct sunlight.Equipped with advanced waterproof and weather protection, ultra-high definition picture quality, excellent sound effects,
  • Waterproof TV
    Kontech waterproof TV is designed by unique waterproof technology.Not only do our productreach IP68 rating,but also it has a better brightness.The screen is even more clearer and smoother than normal TV.Because of the mirror screen design,it looks ike a mirror when power off. Kontech waterproof TV i
  • Mirror TV
    Elegant design,fashion 4K mirror
  • Prison TVs
    The clear prison TV satisfies prison safety standards in every country as it has been specially designed for prisons.13.3 inch, 15.6 inch, 18.5 inch are available.
  • Solar TV
    Kontech's focus on solar TV started in 2014 and has 8 years of R&D and design experience. China high quality 12 DC solar TVs with ultra-narrow bezel and slim design, and Built-in DVD.