Outdoor TV
  • Full-sun Outdoor TV Supplier Manufacturer Support OEM ODM
    With 14 years Full-sun Outdoor TV manufacturer experience.The high-brightness, waterproof, lightning-proof and explosion-proof TVs designed by KONTECH Full-sun Outdoor TV Supplier are one of the best outdoor TVs at present.
  • Full-sun Outdoor TV
    1500 brightness, the ultra-high brightness ensures a vivid and high quality picture even in direct sunlight.Equipped with advanced waterproof and weather protection, ultra-high definition picture quality, excellent sound effects,
  • Partial Sun Outdoor TV Supplier Manufacturer OEM ODM Support
    14 Years Professional Partial Sun Outdoor TV manufacturer experience,The Perfect Partner for Outdoor Entertaining
  • Partial-sun Outdoor TV
    Kontech Private Outdoor TV can beused in partial-sun outdoor TV conditions.Different from traditional partial-sun outdoor TV, this private outdoor TV has extremely unique design. Our product has ultra-narrow bezel and ultra-thin thickness.
  • Full-shade Outdoor TV
    Kontech Full-shade Outdoor TVs offer 2.5 times higher brightness than indoor TVs, it is recommended to install in partially-shaded areas like covered patios, decks, yards.