New application for smart displays in public transport, does your city have it?

New application for smart displays in public transport, does your city have it?

Publish: 2022-07-05 13:40:22 Update: 2022-07-05 17:51:53 View: 2005

Public transport is an important part of urban life, and the construction of intelligent public transport, which aims to "ensure safety, increase efficiency, environmental enhancement and save energy", has received increasing attention from major cities and regions across the country.

In December 2020, the State Council Information Office released a white paper on the country's transport development, titled "Sustainable Development of Transport in China," and mentioned urban public transport has continued to develop as a priority, the share has steadily increased, the comfort level has continued to improve, and the development of intelligent public transport have achieved remarkable results.

What is urban intelligent public transport?

Urban intelligent public transport is the inevitable direction of the development of modern urban public transport and an important part of the construction of intelligent cities advocated by the state. It is a real-time, accurate and efficient urban public transport management system that functions on a large scale and in an all-round manner by effectively integrating and applying advanced high technologies such as IOT, cloud computing, big data, satellite positioning and 5G networks to the entire city's bus, tram, metro, taxi and intercity rail transport systems.

Based on intelligent display equipment, the intelligent public transport system brings together real-time traffic data on roads, vehicles and passengers, and then feeds visualised service information back to the intelligent display devices after processing through cloud computing and big data technology, thus realising the systematic, real-time, interactive and extensive nature of intelligent public transport services.

With the improvement of urban economic level, the rapid growth of the urban population and the number of motor vehicles, and the significant increase in transport demand, the construction of a intelligent public transport system has become particularly important. Especially since the outbreak of Covid-19, the public transport system, as the bloodline of the entire city and the largest carrier of residents' trip, has been able to reduce the possible spread of the virus caused by "yellow and red code" passengers while collecting the trip time and route of each resident through code scanning, information registration, epidemic prevention and big data processing, and uploading them to the city's big data platform. Intelligent public transport system has played a key role in unifying the city's epidemic prevention efforts.

In that way, what smart displays are being used as the forefront of "direct dialogue with passengers" in urban intelligent public transport systems? And what role do they play?

Application of smart displays in intelligent public transport

Smart electronic bus-board
Smart electronic bus-board is the use of GPS positioning on the bus to obtain the arrival data of the vehicle, transmitted to the control centre and the corresponding road. In the electronic screen of each bus station, passengers can know the location of the vehicle, when there is a bus is about to enter the station, there will be a voice broadcast prompt, so that passengers have more sufficient time to prepare in advance, the ride is more relaxed.

Smart bus stop announcement: Real-time display of transfer station information, estimated bus arrival time, vehicle congestion and other practical information to facilitate passengers' trip.
Multimedia information release: The display can show various public information such as news summary, government announcement, weather forecast, road condition information, tourist attraction information, etc. Meanwhile, it supports human-computer interaction function, passengers can query the interchange route, public service window and other surrounding information through touch and voice interaction.
Electronic monitoring function: The equipped electronic eye camera provides real-time monitoring and passenger flow statistics; it plays a significant role in protecting residents' personal safety, combating illegal and criminal acts and reducing the waste of police resources.
Wireless network coverage and charging function: The smart electronic bus-board can be equipped with mobile phone charging jacks to provide emergency charging for mobile phones, tablets and other electronic devices. It also supports wireless WiFi devices to achieve WiFi area coverage and mobile interne without dead space.
Intelligent dispatching and unified management: It supports real-time positioning of bus location information and running status, which facilitates intelligent dispatching centre to make reasonable the departure and intelligent dispatching.

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Station information prompt screen

When taking the subway, passengers are most concerned about the destination route confirmation and ticketing process. Reasonable information prompts in appropriate places will effectively alleviate congestion during peak periods, facilitating optimal station management and convenient trip for passengers.

The new electronic information display in intelligent public transport shows passengers the departure time and route guidance information in the form of picture scrolling broadcast, making it easy for passengers to quickly find the service location and easily get the real-time arrival information.

Smart lighting pole

The "multi-pole in one" smart light pole integrates traffic lights, road monitoring, illegal capture, traffic signs, advertising information screens, charging stations and intelligent sensors in one,  to apply resources to implement centralized management, which can improve the efficiency of equipment, reduce management difficulties and release urban resources to provide more convenient and practical services to the public.

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Sidewalk electronic capture system

In daily life, traffic accidents caused by red light jumping are common. Blindly running red lights may not only endanger the safety of one's own life and property and that of others, but also seriously hinder the smooth and orderly and safe operation of urban traffic.

The sidewalk electronic capture system identifies uncivilized violations such as pedestrians running red lights and motor vehicles not yielding to pedestrians as required, captures and records them through high-speed high-definition cameras and face recognition systems, makes warning notices or video exposures, and provides strong protection for the safe passage of intersections and pavements.

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Smart pedestrian signal light

The all-in-one smart pedestrian signal light is an innovative upgrade from the traditional pedestrian crossing signal light, incorporating a variety of functions such as pedestrian red light detection, voice alert, information release and pedestrian crossing detection. By providing multiple levels of different degrees of warning to pedestrians crossing the street, such as voice warning and portrait exposure, pedestrians are prompted to strengthen their civilised trip habits and effectively reduce the incidence of traffic accidents caused by red light jumping at intersections.


In the future, intelligent management services for urban public transport will further help to improve the management capacity and image of the city, and intelligent public transport will bring great changes to people's life and trip. We have reason to believe that the pace of smart city construction will only get faster and faster, and the transportation-related smart electronic display industry will also usher in a real golden age, and more smart products that truly provide convenience for residents' trip will be born to serve society and every trip.